Bearded Dragon Sunken Eyes

Bearded Dragon Sunken Eyes: Causes and Treatments

Bearded dragons seem to be strong and resilient to diseases. But the truth speaks the opposite. In fact, they can easily get sick if not carefully cared for.

One of the most common issues is the sunken eyes. If you are a new bearded dragon owner, this will cause you to worry. You don’t know exactly what is happening.

So, when your bearded dragon has sunken eyes, what causes and how to treat it?

Bearded dragon sunken eyes may have caused by dehydration, wrong habitat setup, and diseases. If the beardies’ eyes are sunken, it would be indicative of health issues.

This condition can be easily seen in your beardy. But as mentioned, if you are new to caring for bearded dragons, this could be a real problem.

This article is created to help new bearded dragon owners out there who want to find solutions to their beardies’ health problems.

If you are one of them, then this article is for you. Read more and learn the tips that I will be sharing below on how to treat beardies’ sunken eyes.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the main topic.

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What to Do When Your Beaded Dragon Has Sunken Eyes?

Bearded Dragon Sunken Eyes

If you are new to this, it will be hard for you to decide what to do next. In my experience, guessing should not be part of that decision. I lost my first bearded dragon because I did not seek help early on.

That said, the first thing you should do is to do research online and look for articles (like this) and forums that could give you the answer you’re looking for.

The internet is the richest resource you can go to. Try to talk to people who have already experienced the same issue in their beardies.

Unfortunately, as per my experience, sometimes, you find no exact answer to your query. The information you find may not be exactly related to your questions.

In this case, I suggest that you go to a vet instead. A licensed professional is the best person who can help your bearded dragon. This may cost you money, of course.

But trust me, as someone who had lost a reptile pet, the money is nothing compared to the feeling of guilt and conscience of not providing your reptile proper medical intervention.

I rather spend money and save my pet than not spending money and lost him/her.

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Common Causes of Sunken Eyes in Bearded Dragons

As mentioned, when the eyes of your bearded dragons sunken, it may be because of several reasons. In this section of the post, I will share with you some of the causes.

1. Dehydration

The most common reason for this health issue is dehydration. It is true that beardies can get sick from having too much water. However, they can also get sick by having no water at all.

Dehydration usually happens when beardies don’t get enough water from their food. Or when they don’t drink water at all. Most bearded dragons drink water from their bowl.

However, beardies like to drink from a moving water and not from a stagnant one. If the reptile does not drink water and does not eat watery foods at all, he/she may suffer from dehydration.

Before I thought that raising beardies was easy. But I was wrong. I realized it when I lost my first bearded dragon (Sam).

Throughout the years of having beardies, I learned that they are actually fragile and prone to diseases when not cared for correctly.

For instance, beardies should have a balanced diet to keep them healthy and live longer. And a balanced diet means giving them all the greens, vegetables, and live insects.

However, you need to be careful though. This is because most veggies and fruits are too watery for bearded dragons. But if you know how to balance it, your beardie will be saved from dehydration all the time.

Things You Can Do to Treat Dehydration

The first thing you need to do is to check whether or not the sunken eyes of your beardies are caused by dehydration. You can do this by checking the diet. When was the last time your beardy drink water or eat fruits?

If your bearded dragon did not drink or eat fruits or other watery foods, then dehydration can be the cause of his/her sunken eyes. Another sign of dehydration is wrinkly skin.

If your beardy has both sunken eyes and wrinkly skin, there is a high chance that he/she is dehydrated.

You can simply fix this problem by giving your beardy a bath. Let him/her enjoy it for a while. During the whole time, your beardy will be able to drink enough water.

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2. Wrong Habitat Setup

The second reason for sunken eyes could be the habitat setup. It is very important to remember that bearded dragons are accustomed to semi-desert areas.

This means that in captivity, the artificial environment should resemble their natural habitat. Beardies should get the right amount of temperature and light.

But this is often missed. Many tank setups have wrong and inappropriate temperature and light sources. The temperature, for instance, there are two different temperatures in the beardies’ habitat that needed to be considered: basking and cool down the area.

The temperatures in these areas may be dependent on the dragon’s age. For young bearded dragons, the basking area needs to be 95-100 degrees Fahrenheit. While the cooldown area should be 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Adult bearded dragons on the other hand need a little cooler basking area compared to the younger beardies. The temperature for their basking area should be 90-93 degrees Fahrenheit. While the cooldown area should also be 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Things You Can Do to Fix Wrong Habitat Setup

I think the main thing you can do is to understand the beardies’ natural habitat before you can fix the wrong tank setup. You need to go back to their geographical origins.

Always remember that their habitat in captivity should resemble their natural ecosystem. Bearded dragons are intelligent and adventurous animals. So they need a bigger tank set up to provide them ample space for relaxation and adventure.

Of course, adjust the lighting if necessary. As mentioned, beardies are accustomed to semi-desert areas where the temperature is high.

If dehydration is not the cause, then consider the setup. This may be the cause of the sunken eyes of your bearded dragons.

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3. Diseases

Sunken eyes in bearded dragons may be the result of many health issues. For instance, if the lighting in the tank is poor, it could result in metabolic bone disease. This serious health condition may result in many other health problems in beardies.

Eye infection can also be a viable cause of sunken eyes in beardies. Another cause could be parasites. These tiny intruders can turn your beardies’ eyes ugly.

Things You Can Do to Treat Disease

In times when you don’t have a clue of what is going on, bringing your dragon to a vet is the best thing you can do. Do not spend time guessing and trying some treatments that don’t work.

Trust me, wrong treatments will only worsen the problem. And in a worst-case scenario, it could only kill your bearded dragon.

So the best recommendation I can give is to provide your reptile with professional help. And do it immediately before anything gets worse.

Bearded Dragon Has Sunken Eyes, Dark Beard and Not Eating

Sometimes the health problems in beardies come in combination such as sunken eyes, dark beards, and not eating. This is scary and absolutely not a good sign. And in most cases, dehydration is the cause.

In this case, you can try giving your beardy drops of warm water on her/his nose. This will help resolve dehydration.

However, a black beard is another issue. There is a high chance that your bearded dragon is distress. I suggest that you bring your reptile to the nearest vet clinic for immediate medical intervention.

Again, in serious situations like this, do not second guess. Act quickly in order to save your reptile pet.

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Final Thoughts on Bearded Dragon Sunken Eyes

Bearded dragons are vulnerable to diseases. Sunken eyes are one of them. There are many possible causes, of sunken eyes in beardies. Some of the common causes are dehydration, wrong tank setup, and other diseases.

There are many things you can do to fix these issues. However, the best one is seeking help from a vet. I don’t recommend doing it on your own if you are not knowledgeable enough. And act quickly as you can.

I hope this helps. Thank you for reading.

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