Can Bearded Dragons Drink Tea

Can Bearded Dragons Drink Tea?

Can bearded dragons drink tea? This is one of the crucial questions I get from my readers. And because you are reading this line, you might probably be asking the same question.

So, can bearded dragons drink tea?

The quick answer is NO. Bearded dragons cannot and should not be offered tea of any kind. This is because tea contains caffeine that is not good for bearded dragons.

Honestly, there is no available scientific study yet, to my knowledge, that can prove the negative effect of caffeine on bearded dragons’ health. But prevention is the best strategy to keep your beardies healthy.

To give better understanding, I have included a table below.

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Nutritional Facts of Tea

Total lipid0g
Source: USDA

As you can see, tea can be a source of energy. But as you can also see, tea contains zero lipids and protein. This means that beardies get almost no benefits from drinking tea except the harmful constituents.

The high sugar level is one of them. As you know, foods with high sugar content are not advisable for bearded dragons.

Lastly, as a rule of thumb, never give your beardies processed foods or drinks. Tea is usually a processed drink. Although you can make a tea from organic and fresh ingredients, the process per se eliminates the natural nutrients.

For health safety, I only recommend offering bearded dragons with water. Water is the safest and the only drink that resembles their drink in the wild.

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Can Bearded Dragons Drink Apple Juice?

You might have tried feeding your beardies apple fruit. In fact, an apple is one of the safest fruits for bearded dragons.

Along the way, you might also be wondering whether or not your beardy can drink apple juice.

So, can bearded dragons drink apple juice?

Yes, bearded dragons can drink apple juice on an occasional basis and in a small amount. And one more thing, if you offer apple juice, dilute it with water. It is a great way to convince and train your beardy to drink from a bowl.

This means that apples can be given to beardies as fruits or in a juice form. If you offer apple fruit, make sure to chop it finely. Bear in mind that beardies do not chew their foods thoroughly. This makes them prone to choking and digestive issues.

The main reason why too much apple juice is not good for bearded dragons is that apple juice is too sugary for beardies. Foods like this can negatively affect their bowel movement and their health in general.

But a small amount is fine. Whenever you let your beardie drink apple juice, make sure that he/she does not consume it too much.

Also, stay with fresh and total organic apple juice. Do not add anything that has artificial ingredients such as additives. Food chemicals and or preservatives can be dangerous to bearded dragons.

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How to Use Apple Juice to Train Beardies to Drink from Water Bowl?

As mentioned, apple juice can be used to train beardies to drink from a water bowl. In most cases, if you bought a bearded dragon from a pet store, he/she is not used to drinking from a water bowl.

As a result, you need to train him/her to do so. By diluting water with apple juice, your beardie will be enticed to taste the water and hopefully get accustomed to drinking it from a water bowl.

As your beardie get used to it, you can gradually remove the juice and give him/her pure water. There is no substitute for natural water. It is very important for bearded dragons to get hydrated all the time.

Just a quick note. Make sure that you regularly change the water in the bowl to keep it clean and fresh all the time. Always remember that beardies are prone to health issues if drink dirty water.

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Can Bearded Dragon Drink Tap Water?

We all know that beardies need water to remain hydrated. But can they drink tap water?

Yes, bearded dragons can drink tap water. Just make sure it is clean. But bearded dragons are better off drinking filtered bottled water. Filtered water is cleaner and free from possibly harmful chemicals.

If you can, use a water conditioner for bearded dragons. This will help your beardies safe from getting sick.

The problem with tap water is that it contains a variety of chemicals that may harm the overall bearded dragons’ health.

These chemicals may include chlorine and fluoride and other minerals. But we are not really sure what else is harmful to your beardies.

As mentioned, I strongly recommend the use of a water conditioner (click here to check my recommended water conditioner on Amazon).

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Final Thoughts on Can Bearded Dragons Drink Tea

There are a variety of teas we can drink. Unfortunately, tea is not for all, especially for bearded dragons.

Bearded dragons should not drink tea. Tea can be harmful to them. But a nibble may not harm your reptile.

But as long as possible, do not give your beardies any type of tea. This is to keep your pet safe and healthy all the time.

I recommend water instead. But make sure that it is clean. You can do it by giving your bearded dragon’s filtered water. It will keep them safe from any potential harm.

I hope this helps. Thank you for time reading this post.

Related Questions

Can bearded dragons drink?

Yes, a bearded dragon can drink water. However, in captivity, beardies need help in drinking. They need to be prompted to drink from a water bowl.

Can bearded dragons have milk?

No, bearded dragons should NOT drink or given milk. This is because their digestive system is not accustomed to drinking milk and therefore incapable of processing milk. Milk can cause many potential health issues in bearded dragons.

Is tap water bad for bearded dragons?

No, tap water is actually good for bearded dragons as long as it is clean. But I highly recommend that you use bottled filtered water to make sure your beardy is safe from any harmful minerals embedded in the water.

Can bearded dragons have orange juice?

No, bearded dragons should not drink orange juice. This is because orange juice contains high citric acid that could be harmful to bearded dragons. So do not offer orange juice to your reptile under any circumstances.

Can a bearded dragon drink too much water?

Too much water is not good for bearded dragons. It could cause digestive issues like diarrhea. This is the main reason why watery fruits should not be part of their regular diet. So always regulate the water intake of your beardies.
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