Can Bearded Dragons Hear

Can Bearded Dragons Hear? Interesting Facts

Can bearded dragons hear? If you are a beginner, you might end up asking the same question. After all, bearded dragon owners (including myself) tend to talk to their reptiles.

But, can bearded dragons hear?

Bearded dragons can definitely hear their owners and other noises from their surroundings. In fact, they have a very good hearing a skill that they develop in the wild which helps them escape from bigger animals and predators.

Like other animals, the hearing capability of bearded dragons serves them well in many ways.

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Do Bearded Dragons Have Ears?

Can Bearded Dragons Hear

Yes, the reason why bearded dragons hear is due to their ears. There is a misconception that beardies do not have ears. But that is not true at all. The truth is that bearded dragons have ears too like other animals.

Unlike in other animals though, beardies’ ears do not have an external part. But the hole you can see just right above the mouth is actually the ear. That hole receives the sound from the surroundings making the beardies aware of what is going on around them.

As mentioned, they evolved to hear sounds and keep them survive in the wild. The hearing gives them the ability to detect prey too which helps them survive.

Is Hearing Important for Bearded Dragons?

As mentioned, the good hearing has several benefits for bearded dragons. Throughout evolution, the ability to hear helps them survive. Without hearing, a species might not be able to thrive.

Let’s talk about the importance of hearing in bearded dragons.

The Ability to Avoid Predators

Life in the wild is all about survival. And oftentimes, those that survive have superior intelligence, strength, and skills. Hearing is another ability that gives beardies a chance to avoid predators.

Their sensitive hearing system allows them to detect predators and therefore make them able to avoid. There are hundreds of predators in the wild they need to avoid. It may include cats, pythons, birds, foxes, and other bigger animals.

These predators are excellent hunters. They know how to capture their target prey without them being noticed. So having good hearing is an advantage.

The Ability to Catch Their Prey

The ability to hear allows the bearded dragons to escape predators. However, having a good hearing also allows the beardies to catch their prey. In the wild, having a good hearing is an edge over the prey.

Because bearded dragons are omnivores, they eat a variety of insects. Those insects are not easy to catch. It requires a special hunting skill and part of that is hearing ability.

Unlike detecting bigger prey, looking and waiting for small insects is not an easy task. Apart from patience, beardies absolutely need good hearing ability to detect the insects easily.

In captivity, however, having a sensitive ear is not as important as they were in the wild. Captive bearded dragons do not need to hunt the insects. This is because the live insect such as crickets and roaches are brought into their bowl. All they need to do is to capture and eat them.

The Ability to Respond to Their Name

There are so many questions about whether or not bearded dragons can hear their owners calling their names. But the truth is that bearded dragons can be taught to respond to their name with proper training.

The ability to recognize there is another awesome ability of bearded dragons. This is tremendous in many ways. This means that you can create a great bonding moment with your reptile.

Being able to train your beardies to respond to his/her name can be very important in some instances. Imagine that your reptile is lost it will be easier to find her/him around the house if she/he can hear you calling his/her name.

As you can imagine, having the ability to recognize its name will be helpful to find your reptile.

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Do Bearded Dragons Recognize Their Owners’ Voice?

Another question that I often encounter is whether or not bearded dragons can recognize their owners’ voices. Believe it or not, bearded dragons are capable of recognizing their owners’ voices.

Bearded dragons are some of the intelligent pets that recognize the voice of the people who care for them and feed them. One of the reasons for this is because beardies associate the voice of their owners with food.

Like training other pets, food plays a very important role in training bearded dragons to remember their owners’ names. If trained well, beardies will be able to recognize their owners’ voices.

Can Bearded Dragons Be Affected by Noise?

The effect may be different from one beardie to another. Some bearded dragons will be greatly disturbed by noise while others don’t. This depends on the beardies’ personality.

However, extremely loud noise can negatively affect bearded dragons. In fact, loud noise is one of the causes of stress in bearded dragons.

Thus, understanding your beardies’ personality is very important in keeping them healthy. If you notice discomfort in your reptile, you should pay attention to what causes it and eliminate the cause immediately.

Can Bearded Dragons Sleep with Noise?

Bearded dragons won’t be able to sleep with noise in most cases. In fact, noise awakens them and makes them struggle to sleep again.

Remember that beardies are accustomed to the quiet surroundings in the wild. As a result, they sleep well at night. In captivity, beardies should also have a quiet place to relax and sleep in the night.

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Final Thoughts on Can Bearded Dragons Hear

Bearded dragons can hear. In fact, their sensitive hearing ability helps them survive in the wild. It helps them avoid predators and catch their prey.

Bearded dragons do not only hear sound from their surroundings but they can also recognize their owners’ voice and even their name. This means that your bearded dragon knows when you call him/her.

Bearded dragons associate food with their owners’ voices. This means that with proper training, you can have better communication with your reptile.

I hope this helps you understand your reptile more. Thank you for reading.

Can bearded dragons hear better than humans?

Yes, bearded dragons have more sensitive hearing than humans. This helps them survive in the wild especially in avoiding predators and catching their prey.

Can bearded dragons see you?

Bearded dragons see you and other things around them. Aside from having a great hearing ability, they also have good vision. These qualities help them a lot in surviving in the wild.

Do bearded dragons have a third eye?

Believe it or not, bearded dragons have a third eye. It is a small dot on the top of their head. The third eye does not see images but sees any changes that happen in the dark and light.

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