Can You Put 2 Baby Bearded Dragons Together

Can You Put 2 Baby Bearded Dragons Together?

Bearded dragons are solitary animals. In the wild, they hunt alone and eat alone. This is one of the unique behaviors of beardies.

So, can you put 2 baby bearded dragons together?

No. Baby bearded dragons should not be housed together. As mentioned, they are solitary animals and do not want to be in the crowd. When putting together, they might fight and injure each other. Or worse, they could kill each other.

You might have seen baby bearded dragons housed together in an expo. But you have to remember that it is just a couple of hours’ show. In the long run, those young beardies will start to fight. The weaker ones will get bullied and stressed.

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Can 2 Bearded Dragons Live Together? (A deeper Look)

Can You Put 2 Baby Bearded Dragons Together

One of the mistakes of beginners (it includes myself when I was starting having a beardie) is that they think their bearded dragons need companions. As a result, they house two or more beardies in one tank.

But, can 2 bearded dragons live together at all? Unfortunately, bearded dragons cannot live well with companion in one tank. There are valid reasons why beardies should not be put together. And believe me, most of these reasons are against conventional perception.

Below are a few reasons why you should not put 2 bearded dragons in one tank.

1. Bearded dragons may compete for resources such as food, water, space, and basking spot.

To compete seems to be normal behavior to most animals. But for baby bearded dragons in captivity, this is not good. Unlike in the wild where they have enough space to find food, in the tank, they only have one food source.

What this means is that the stronger one will get the food and the weaker will have less if he gets any food at all. 

This is also true in occupying a basking space. Remember that dragons need a spot to relax and feel comfy. If the tank has one basking area, that will be a real problem because beardies will compete for it.

Again, the stronger will win the competition and the weaker will find himself in a spot he does not want to be. This is not healthy for beardies. 

2. They fight each other especially when they reach puberty.

Another problem when housing two baby beardies together are that they get more aggressive as they reach puberty. As a result, they fight each other more often. Maybe this is part of showing their dominance. But such aggressive behavior will often result in health problems. 

3. Housing two bearded dragons require a huge tank.

If you house two bearded dragons in one tank, you need a bigger tank. The minimum size of the tank for beardies should be at least 40-70 gallons. Now, if you are planning to put two beardies in one tank, the size should be doubled.

This will not only require more resources but also a bigger space for the tank to be placed. 

4. The larger beardie may devour the weak and smaller one.

Bear in mind that baby beardies do not grow in equal rate. One may grow faster than the other. The problem with this is that the bigger one may tend to intimidate the smaller and weaker.

As a result, the smaller will most likely get bullied and get the least food and water. In the long run, this will cause potential bad health conditions.

5. Two beardies in one tank can injure each other.

Fighting with one another is bad for beardies. It will only injure them especially the smaller or weaker ones. This will result in the damages in the eyes and limbs too.

6. Bearded dragons tend to have compulsive aggressive behavior.

Bearded dragons tend to have a sudden aggressive behavior which leads them to attack one another even with the one they cohabited before. This means that you cannot be sure that the two reptiles will stay harmlessly in one habitat.

The best thing you can do is to keep them in different tanks. They will be okay in that setup. Remember that beardies are solitary animals. They don’t need socialization with other reptiles.

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Do Bearded Dragons Live Together in the Wild?

Most animals live well in groups. But bearded dragons are different. They are more comfortable being alone.

The only time that two beardies (male and female) stay together is during the mating period. But after mating, they go in separate ways without any emotional connection.

How Long Can Baby Bearded Dragons Live Together?

After hatching, baby bearded dragons can stay together. However, they should not remain in that setup for long. This is because, as mentioned, even baby beardies will compete which in turn result in fighting. To avoid it from happening, separate the babies as soon as they turn 2-4 weeks old.

Can You House a Baby and an Older Bearded Dragon Together?

No. You cannot put a baby and an older bearded dragon together in one tank. The younger will most likely get bullied and get the least food. This will cause several potential health issues in younger beardie.

Without having enough food, beardies will suffer from mineral and vitamin deficits which will in turn cause more serious health conditions.

Can You House 2 Male Bearded Dragons Together?

No. Males are territorial and more aggressive. Therefore, if they stay together in the tank, they will most likely fight which could cause many injuries and physical damages.

Can 2 Adult Bearded Dragons Live in a 40-gallon tank?

No. It is too small of a space for them. To house 2 adult bearded dragons, you need at least a 125-gallon tank. Putting two beardies in a small tank will only worsen the situation. They will not live for long healthily.

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Final Thoughts on Can You Put 2 Baby Bearded Dragons Together

Housing 2 baby bearded dragons together in one tank is not a good idea. You should not do it as long as possible.

The reason being is that even baby beardies will compete and fight each other. This will mostly result in injuries and physical damages. The weak will most likely get bullied and get less food, water, and other necessities.

If you want to house baby beardies together, make sure that they have enough space for them to roam. Also, make sure that they have separate basking and hiding areas.

Always bear in mind that bearded dragons are solitary animals. They don’t need a companion for them to live happily.

I hope this helps. Thank you for reading this post.

Related Questions

Can bearded dragons smell each other?

Yes, bearded dragons can smell each other. They are sensitive to smells. This is the reason why they get anxious when they are around with a strong smell like a candle. Also, beardies are known to bite their owners’ hands if they smell food or rodents on it.

What can live with a bearded dragon?

Although bearded dragons cannot live together for long, some animals can get along with them. Some examples are tortoises. Tortoises and beardies can live without a problem in one habitat.
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