Do Bearded Dragons Like Blankets

Do Bearded Dragons Like Blankets?

Do bearded dragons like blankets? I receive this question pretty regularly. In this post, I will discuss whether beardies like blankets or not.

So, do bearded dragons like blankets?

The answer to this is yes and no. This is because every bearded dragon is different. Some beardies love blankets while others don’t. The best way to figure out is to try giving a blanket to your reptile and see how he/she reacts.

What I have seen throughout the years though is that most bearded dragons like soft things such as blankets. But there are a few that don’t like it.

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Does Blanket Type Matter to Bearded Dragons?

Do Bearded Dragons Like Blankets

Based on my experience, beardies don’t care what type of blanket you’re giving to them. In fact, you can also give other soft things such as stuffed animals. As long as it is soft, beardies will also like it.

But if you are giving stuffed animals, make sure that there are no loose items on them. Remember that beardies are vulnerable to health issues when ingested hard materials.

My beardies love baby blankets. These blankets are super soft thick fleece. I saw my beardies digging in the blanket. It seemed that they love the softness and coziness the blankets provide.

Can You Put a Blanket on a Bearded Dragon?

Yes, you can put a blanket on a bearded dragon. In fact, as I’ve mentioned above, most beardies love blankets.

However, it is important to remember that putting a blanket on bearded dragons will not keep them warm. This is because bearded dragons are cold-blooded animals.

Beardies’ body does not produce heat. Wrapping them with a blanket will only prevent them from picking the outside temperature. It will only trap the cold temperature inside.

If you want to keep your beardie warm while wrapping him the blanket, hold him close to your body. The only thing that gives warmth to the reptile is the heat from your own body not because of the blanket.

The heat from your body will penetrate the blanket and will then trap inside. This will in turn give the beardie warm.

Although beardies don’t get warm when wrapped with blankets, they love and enjoy it. Plus, there is no harm to your reptile if you put a blanket on him/her. I do the same to my bearded dragons.

Choosing the best blankets is very important. Make sure that it is soft and made of durable materials.

If you are wondering what blankets are best for beardies, I will share with you some of the blankets I use for my reptiles.

Best Blankets for Bearded Dragons (Personal Choice)

In this section, let me share with you the blankets I use for my bearded dragons. In case you are interested, you can check them on Amazon.

There are a bunch of blanket brands you can choose from. But I only included three blankets that I personally tried for my bearded dragons.

From my personal experience, I can tell that my beardies love these blankets. Without further ado, let me introduce the products.

1. Luciphia 1 Pack 3 Blankets

My first favorite is the Luciphia Blanket (click here to view this blanket on Amazon). What I love the most about this blanket is its super soft and fluffy texture. It is 100% polyester with multiple sizes to choose from small, medium, and large.

The small has the dimension of 23” by 16” (60 by 40cm), the medium is 30” by 20” or 76 by 52cm, large is 41” by 31” or 104 by 78 cm. All are made in ultra-soft fabric.

Another thing that I love about this blanket is that it is super easy to clean and wash and easy to dry too. The blanket also protects the couch or bed from dirt.

2. Yizhi Blanket

My second favorite is Yizhi blanket (click here to check this blanket on Amazon). What I love about this blanket is its premium fluffy fleece texture.

Although the company made this blanket for puppies and cats, I found it great for bearded dragons too. It is made of 100% double-sided flannel fabrics making it easy to wash without having fabric issues such as shrinking.

But the best thing about this product on a buyer’s perspective is that it is super affordable and offers a guaranteed warranty.

3. Micro World Cozy Blanket

My last recommended blanket for beardies is the Micro World Cozy Blanket (click here to view this blanket on Amazon). Well, this blanket is not designed for pets but for humans.

However, this works well with my beardies. As mentioned, the type of blanket does not really matter and beardies don’t care about the brand as long as it provides them comfort.

In fact, my bearded dragons like this blanket very much. They love to sleep on it and wrapped with it.

This blanket is also 100% polyester. It is also super easy to clean or wash and dries fast.

Final Thoughts on Do Bearded Dragons Like Blankets

Most bearded dragons do like blankets. But not all of them. There are some that don’t like to be surrounded by soft fabric.

However, it is important to remember that wrapping beardies with a blanket will not keep them warm. The reason being is that bearded dragons are cold-blooded animals.

Meaning, their bodies do not produce heat. If they are wrapped with blanket, beardies won’t get the warm temperature from the outside. So their body temperature will remain as is.

In other words, putting a blanket on bearded dragons won’t do any difference in their body temperature.

I hope this helps. Thank you for reading.

Related Questions

Why is my bearded dragon biting his blanket?

I don’t have a scientific explanation for this. What I believe though is that it could be that beardie might have thought it was food. Check if your beardie is getting enough food. He might be hungry.

Can a 5 month old beardie sleep with a blanket?

I see no problem with that. He/she can sleep in a blanket. I have my younger beardies do the same. In fact, they seemed to enjoy it. They fall asleep faster than when they are on a hard surface.

Should I cover my bearded dragon’s cage at night

I don’t normally do it unless there is a need. But you can do it if there is a good reason for you to do so. Covering the beardies cage at night will block the external sources of light. It will also helpful in retaining the appropriate temperature inside.

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