Do Bearded Dragons Like Music

Do Bearded Dragons Like Music? Interesting Facts

Bearded dragons are curious and adventurous. It is their natural behavior in the wild. In captivity, curiosity is pretty noticeable in them. They even watch TV shows as humans do.

I see this with my bearded dragons. I don’t exactly know if they understand what they see but they seem to like the pictures on the screen.

Do bearded dragons like music too?

Most bearded dragons do like music. However, not all beardies seem to love music though. But many bearded dragons love to hear music especially if they are taking a nap.

If you have a bearded dragon, you might already know that bearded dragons are unique. They have some characteristics similar to humans. An example of this is listening to music.

But what I found though is that not all beardies seem to love music. Some of my bearded dragons before seemed to have no interest in music at all.

However, I am not claiming that I am an expert in beardies behavior. I never have done a scientific study about their reaction to music and therefore I cannot say that banging their heads in front of the speaker is really a sign of love to music.

But like humans, we never position our ear near to the source of a certain sound that we don’t like. I assume that beardies have the same behavior too. They do it almost all the time.

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Do Bearded Dragons Like Loud Music?

Do Bearded Dragons Like Music

In my experience with my own bearded dragons, beardies don’t like loud music. Super loud music could startle bearded dragons. In fact, it could cause anxiety and stress in them.

Remember that bearded dragons have large open ears. This means that they are more sensitive to loud sounds compared to us. This hearing ability allows them to hear their prey in the wild.

The downside is that it makes them easily get startled and stressed if exposed to loud noise. If bearded dragons are exposed to loud sounds, they may show stress signs. Some of the quick signs are the following:

  • Black spots on the belly
  • Seem to lose appetite
  • Hide
  • Do not move
  • Lethargic

Check these signs on your beardies’ belly. A healthy bearded dragon has a white, clean, and no mark belly. If the signs above are present, then your beardie is stressed.

Another sign is a sleep problem. Beardies are pretty much like humans. If stressed, they experience difficulty in gaining sleep. This is definitely not a good sign.

It is very important to immediately eliminate the source of stress of your reptile. Believe it or not, stress can cause serious health conditions in bearded dragons.

If you really want to get your bearded dragon used to music, just lower the volume and allow them to hear the music. In the long run, they get used to it.

However, I don’t know exactly if beardies can be forced to love music. Just like humans, although we evolved to love music, some of us just don’t listen to it.

I can only guess that this is also true in the bearded dragon. As mentioned, some of them don’t interest in music.

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What Music Do Bearded Dragons Love?

Most of my bearded dragons love just mellow music. But other beardie owners reported that their beardies love ballad. I guess that beardies have their own music taste too.

At first, we don’t know exactly what music our beardies love. Just try several music genres and see what they love. This may take time before you figure it out. But it is fun.

But how do you know that your beardie loves the music?

Well, there is no established clear cut indication with regard to this. Beardies seem to have different indicative behaviors.

Some of my beardies gather themselves near the speaker and slightly bang their heads. Others just stay near the speaker and close their eyes. It is weird at some point but really fun to watch.

But as mentioned, not all bearded dragons seem to have a music taste. Some of my beardies don’t care about what song they hear. Maybe because it was not their favorite genre (lol).

How Will You Know if Your Beardie Dislikes Certain Music Genre?

I already mentioned the signs of my own bearded dragons when they love music. Most of them would go near the speaker and sometimes bang their head.

But there are also a few indicators that you can see in your bearded dragons when they dislike certain music genres. Some of the signs are listed below.

Moving away

This is the most common sign that a beardie does not like what he hears. This is like humans who lost interest in something or someone.

Darkening in color

Another sign is the change in color. Color darkening is a normal sign of shedding though. But if your beardie is not shedding, then probably it is something else. It is probably a sign of frustration from what they see or hear around them.

As an owner, you make sure that you observe your beardies’ usual behavior. This way, you can easily see if something is wrong with your pet.

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Final Thoughts on Do Bearded Dragons Like Music

Most bearded dragons do love music. But some seem to have no interest in listening to music at all.

It is also important to remember that bearded dragons don’t like loud music. They can get stressed or anxious about loud music. If you notice that your beardies are startled, lower the volume of your sound.

Stress can have a significant negative impact on beardies’ overall health. Once the color on their belly changes, that is a sign that your bearded dragon is scared and stressed.

If you see signs of stress in your beardies, take the stressor quickly. As mentioned, stress can affect the beardies’ health. So don’t wait the situation gets worse.

I hope this helps. Thank you very much for reading this post.

Related Questions

What do bearded dragons like to play with?

Bearded dragons like to play with small colored things. My beardies seem to love the brightly colored ping pong balls. They push the small balls with their nose. They also love a ride and see the beautiful natural scenery.

Is it bad for bearded dragons to see their reflection?

No, it is not bad. However, because bearded dragons have no idea that what they are seeing is their own reflection, they mistakenly consider it as another beardie. This is the reason why they could get threatened by their own reflection.

Do bearded dragons like fans?

Most bearded dragons don’t like whirring fans near them. They seem to perceive it as a predator making them stressed. If you notice weird behaviors of your beardie when gets near the fan, this might be the reason.
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